F1Simgames M4 GT4 Wheel

F1Simgames M4 GT4 Wheel



Wheel Equipment

Wheel size 310mm

8 OTTO P9 high quality push button

7 in1 funky switch ( 4 way arrows – Rotary encoder – Bush button )

Carbon fiber 3mm front , middle and back plates

Real suede leather grips

High quality labels and indicators

High quality coiled cable and connectors


  • Wheel can support Thrustmaster , OSW , DD , SIMUCUBE 2 , FANATEC , Q1R , SRC , ACCUFORCE and all 70mm quick releases
  • Wheel can support Ascher racing shifters.
  • Wheel and trademark is not official product of BMW Motorsports
  • Wheel is a game controller for PC use only


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