F1Simgames R5 DTM 2019 Wheel


F1Simgames R5 DTM 2019 Wheel



Wheel Equipment

Wheel size 300mm

Carbon Fiber Front Plate , Back Plate and Shifter’s Paddles

Real Suede Leather grips

10 High Quality Metallic Push Buttons

2 High Quality Rotary Encoders

Strong 3D print Magnet Shifters with Carbon Paddles or Ascher racing shifters.

Premium Polymeric labels and stickers

Coiled USB Cable with high secure connector for connection with PC

  • Wheel can support Thrustmaster , OSW , DD , SIMUCUBE 2 , FANATEC , Q1R , SRC , ACCUFORCE and all 70mm quick releases
  • Wheel can support Ascher racing shifters.



  • Wheel and trademark is not official product of Audi Motorsports
  • Wheel is a game controller for PC use only


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