F1Simgames SimPanel Customized Button Box

F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box with Gear indicator and 2 Data Displays.

SimPanel  Button Box can support 12mm push buttons, rotary encoders and toggle switches on – off.

Labels color and names can be configured according to your choices.

SimPanel’s Push buttons , rotary encoders and ON-OFF toggle switch operate without needing installation or drivers

SimPanel’s Gear Indicator and Data displays is compatible with open source dashboards software like SimHUB , e.t.c


F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box



F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box Equipment

Button Box Dimensions : 25cm X 20cm X 5cm

Up to 16 Push Buttons

Up to 4 Rotary encoders

Up to 4 ON-OFF Switches

1 X Gear indicator ( 7 Segment 38.1mm)

2 X 8 digits LCD Display data

SimPanel can support up to 8 wheel’s push buttons.Wheel can connect to SimPanel through connector

(Wheel button panel need to install on wheel)


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Total push buttons , rotary encoders and toggle swithes must be 16 pieces.