F1Simgames SimPanel Customized Button Box

F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box with Gear indicator and 2 Data Displays.

SimPanel  Button Box can support 12mm push buttons, rotary encoders and toggle switches on Рoff.

Labels color and names can be configured according to your choices.

SimPanel’s Push buttons , rotary encoders and ON-OFF toggle switch operate without needing installation or drivers

SimPanel’s Gear Indicator and Data displays is compatible with open source dashboards software like SimHUB , e.t.c


F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box



F1Simgames SimPanel Button Box Equipment

Button Box Dimensions : 25cm X 20cm X 5cm

Up to 16 Push Buttons

Up to 4 Rotary encoders

Up to 4 ON-OFF Switches

1 X Gear indicator ( 7 Segment 38.1mm)

2 X 8 digits LCD Display data

SimPanel can support up to 8 wheel’s push buttons.Wheel can connect to SimPanel through connector

(Wheel button panel need to install on wheel)


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Total push buttons , rotary encoders and toggle swithes must be 16 pieces.